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The Marriage Advantage

The Marriage Advantage

Marriage is one of society’s oldest contracts. It is a contract between two individuals to spend the rest of their lives together in support of each other. But why should couples marry? Well, any competent psychoanalyst will tell you that there are plenty of benefits to getting married? including better mental health.

But why is this so? The reason is that marriage is a social support system. As it turns out, single people are more likely to develop mental health issues like depression due to loneliness and isolation. And according to an article by the Harvard Medical School, this leads to poorer overall health. As providers of mental health services in Pennsylvania, we can’t help but agree with their conclusion.

Are you and your partner thinking about tying the knot? We can help you and your partner in preparing for the psychological aspects of the next step of your relationship. Are you married and are having marital issues with your spouse? Perhaps we can help you sort it out. Whatever the case may be, we at Your Vision For Life Psychological Services LLC can provide psychological services in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. For more information, please contact us at 215-631-3230. Alternatively, please send us an email at Dr.AndreWatson@comcast.net.

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